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Health or Sport or Fertility or Plant Based and Pharmacogenetics

2 in 1 genetic test, comprising nutrigenomics and pharmacogenomics reports
Health test: Examine the genetic code to determine how genes can influence recommendations related to weight management, body composition, cardiometabolic health, food intolerances, eating habits, fitness performance and injury risk. Based on these results, we developed a series of nutrition and fitness recommendations aligned with your genetic profile and gathered additional genetic insights for you and your healthcare provider to consider.
Pharmacogenetics test: Analyzes gene variations for over 150 drugs (or drug combinations) over a range of therapeutic areas, including mental health, pain, and cardiology. All recommendations are based on high-quality evidence from key regulatory bodies and expert consortia in pharmacogenetics. Knowledge of genetic modifiers of drug response allows healthcare providers to have a tailored approach to prescribing medications. It provides them with information on which drugs might be less effective and which drugs might increase the risk of adverse side effects.

Sample: Saliva

Turn around time: 3 weeks
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